Sandhaven Performance Horses

Foal Crop by Year

Sandhaven Castille
(Waldron's Starman, ASH x Seville, TB) 15 hh
Castille is the last foal from the wonderful mare Seville. She was an accidental bonus, conceived after Seville had been placed on Regumate for birth control in an effort to retire her from the brood mare band due to advanced age. Seville, at age 27 (!), delivered Castille in the summer of 2009. Both dam and baby have flourished, and Seville now lives safely separated from Starman, sending him longing glances from afar.

Castille has done well in her competitive outings, placing second in two of the spring schooling shows, placing respectably in the Novice division of the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show and winning the Green Horse division of the 2015 Heart of Texas WE Series #2 show.

Castille is running true to the Seville line- slow to mature physically, but she is stunning in her athleticism. Castille is as playful in the pasture as a weanling- she continually tries to engage her herd mates, running, bumping, splashing in the pond, all in an effort to find someone to interact with. It gets old for the other horses but we love to watch her antics as she pesters them. If another horse gives her a firm "no" she moves on to her next victim, continuing on through the group as she exhausts the other horses' energy and patience. 

Castille had her first foal in the spring ​of 2018, a colt by Palmers El Condo. This baby is everything we had hoped for, a gorgeous, big boned guy who just floats over the ground. We are beyond thrilled with him and have great hopes for the next foal- a 2019 baby by Chalani Sunstream. Here's hoping for a palomino!

Heart of Texas 2015 WE Series- Highlander Ranch: Second place Novice Divison
2015 Pin Oak Charity Horse Show, Working Equitation, Novice division.
Mayfest, 4/2015. Second place, Novice division
Heart of Texas 2015 WE series #2- 1st place, Green Horse divison