Sandhaven Performance Horses

Horses Sold
Priscilla's Flight  Waldron's Starman x LuLu  TB
Purchased by Prissy Rumel

Chorus Waldron's Starman x Patricia's Song TB
Purchased by Brooke Schiller
Layla  Waldron's Starman x Clarice TB
Purchased by Rob and Heather Shuttles

Layla was purchased as a polocrosse prospect for the family and she is entering her first year of play. Rob was runner up in the Open division Texas Campdraft Association Spring Draft. 
North Star  Waldron's Starman x Leche TB
Purchased by Donna Ellis
Blue Moon  Waldron's Starman x Leche TB
Purchased by Tony Navarra
Veto  Waldron's Starman x Victoria QH
Purchased by Jared Conley
Prima  Waldron's Starman x Jane Doe  TB
Purchased by Kiki Pantaze
Abracadabra   Waldron's Starman x Indigo
Purchased by Kiki Pantaze
Valencia Waldron's Starman x Seville  TB
Purchased by Sunni Valencia
Vendetta Disco's My Name TB x Victoria QH
Purchased by Marlee Bixby
Bill the Cat  Waldron's Starman x Holly
Purchased by Liz Pohl

Liz Pohl runs the horse program at Camp Waldemar in Hunt, Texas. She was looking for a good minded, willing and durable mount. Liz is in the saddle all day during the Summer, teaching and supervising her program. Her horse has to be tractable enough to stand quietly all day but be ready to work at a moments notice. In the off season Liz and Bill do it all. Polocrosse, Campdrafting, Sorting and now Working Equitation. Bill the Cat truly fits the breed motto "The Breed for Every Need."
Agave  Waldron's Starman x LuLu  TB
Purchased by Caroline Gardner

Sentinel  Hayden Satellite x Keystone Angelita
Purchased by Kristi Johnson       

Corazon   Waldron's Starman X Wallapalooza, TB
Owned by Dori Johnson
Moon River     Waldron's Strman x Clarice, TB  
Purchased by Amanda Burns