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Australian Stock Horses
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Sandhaven's goal is to produce exceptional horses that are athletic, intelligent and willing. We are breeding Australian Stock Horses.

Australian Stock Horses are used for general riding and stock work as well as equestrian competitions. With it's ​intelligence, courageous heart, even temperament and great stamina the Australian Stock Horse has achieved outstanding success in a wide variety of sports including campdrafting, showjumping, dressage, eventing, pony club events, harness, polo, polocrosse and working equitation.

The Australian Stock Horse motto is "The breed for every need"; befitting this versatile horse, which evolved through selective breeding in response to the demands of the environment.

Australian Stock Horses are presented for competition in most disciplines with a clipped mane.

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October 15, 2014 - At the ILAHA sponsored Open Working Equitation division 
Sandhaven Copy Cat wins her first Championship in Novice Working Equitation. Sandhaven Promise 
and Sandhaven Vain place in the Top 5. Sandhaven Pagan Dancer is Reserve Champion in Intermediate Division. 
Breeder of Quality 
Australian Stock Horses
Spring 2015 - Australian Stock Horses take the top 4 places in the Working Equitation Novice Division at the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show. Sandhaven Promise Champion, 
Priscilla's Flight Reserve Champion, 
Sandhaven Copy Cat 4th.
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Soda Justice  
El Condo  
We are very excited to have frozen semen available for these three ASH stallions. Please contact us for more information. 
October 25, 2014 - At the Haras Cup. Four of five top horses in the Novice Divison are Sandhaven bred. (L-R) Sandhaven Copy Cat places 5th, Sandhaven Vain places 4th, Priscilla's Flight places 3rd, and Sandhaven Promise wins the Championship.
Sandhaven Late to the Party and rider Kiki Pantaze win both Novice Champion from the Heart of Texas WE Series and the High Point Award from Working Equitation Texas for 2015
Summer 2016Sandhaven Chanel wins Open Novice division, with Sandhaven Claire de Lune in 2nd place- Haras Summerfest
Fall 2016-Sandhaven horses go top 5 in Novice, Green horse Novice and Intermediate divisions- Haras Cup
Spring 2016- Sandhaven Late to the Party wins Amateur Novice division at the Haras Spring Festival.