Sandhaven Performance Horses

Sandhaven Vain  
(Waldron's Starman, ASH x Victoria, QH)    15.1 hh

Foal Crop by Year


Vain is a quirky, curious guy. Known as the official Sandhaven greeter, Vain has never met a stranger. He follows any human he can get close to and has a reputation for opening doors, gates and untying knots. He repeatedly climbed the stairs to Kellee's deck, wandering around to look in windows and leaving his calling card in front of the door, until she fenced her yard into a "Vain free" zone. 

Although he is a talented athlete with speed and agility to spare, Vain would not be described as a forward horse. His laid back attitude ensures that he will give exactly what is asked for and not a millimeter more. He has never offered to buck, and has never refused a task. He learns quickly and deals with new challenges calmly. 

Vain sustained an injury during a thunderstorm while as a two year old, but he was able to return to competitive work and did well in the show arena, placing in the top five of the two major shows of 2014, . 
National Championship, Working Equitation, 2014- Top 5
Haras Cup, 2015 - Fourth place, Novice division