Sandhaven Performance Horses

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Sandhaven Late to the Party  
(Waldron's Starman, ASH x Mischief, QH)  15.1 hh

This mare was almost five weeks overdue from her dam's calculated delivery date when she finally arrived, hence her "Late to the Party" name. Despite the fact the she was a little behind the curve as a tiny baby, Party has matured to an athletic mare, with a super soft way of going and a fabulous mind. 

Party began her show career as a four year-old in Working Equitation in 2015. She had done well at her first outing, winning the Novice division at small schooling show in February, but struggled at the giant Pin Oak Charity Horse Show in March. The sheer numbers of horses and the loss of visual contact with her herd mates caused a meltdown in the Dressage phase. What is a total meltdown for Party? She called for her friends while completing every maneuver. Not bad for a baby on her first scary outing. 

Party got more secure over the three-day event and by the Speed phase she was coming into herself, placing 3rd behind the big guns (and years older mares) Promise and Flight. As 2015 went on Party's performances became more solid, ending the season with her Winning the Heart Of Texas 2015 Series Amateur Novice Division and the Working Equitation, Texas High Point Award. In 2016 Party has continued her winning ways, and is currently on the Leader board as the Champion Adult Amateur Novice horse in American Working Equitation.

​This mare's calm, accepting mind and incredible physical prowess will enable her to excel in many disciplines. We will give her a shot at cattle work and expect that Party, with Pagan Dancer and Promise, will be a major part of the second generation of Sandhaven's brood mare band. We know this mare can do it all and will pass that ability on to her future off-spring!
Pin Oak charity Horse Show, 2015. Sandhaven Late to the Party places 3rd, Speed phase.
Heart of Texas, WE Series, April 2015. Party wins Novice Champion.
Mayfest 2015. Party wins Novice Champion.
Australian  top tier Campdrafter and Trainer, Steve Hart, uses Party as his demonstration horse in his Equitation clinic, 9/12/15.