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Sandhaven Copy Cat 
(Waldron's Starman, ASH x Holly) 15.1 hh

In training - 7/27/2013
Copy Cat was the image of her dam, Holly, from her zig-zag blaze to her quirky, alpha personality. With her calm attitude and amazingly physical ability she was the power to Promise's grace. She had placed in the top five or won every show in her two years of competition in Working Equitation. 

Every baby from this dam line carries the name Cat (as in 9 lives) in it to honor Holly's incredible will to live. In December of 2014 Copy needed every bit of that drive when she suffered a severe impaction colic, which required two surgeries to ensure her survival. Thanks to the talented and dedicated doctors and staff of the Elgin Equine Clinic, by February of 2015 Copy was back under saddle, placing fourth in the Novice Division of W.E at Pin Oak. In the spring of 2015 Copy graduated to Intermediate level competition, and she won that division in both of the schooling shows she competed in. 

Copy developed complications from her colic surgery and was euthanized in June of 2015. Even knowing that euthanasia was the kindest option for this great mare, the grief at losing her was crippling. We hope, in time, to be able to remember her amazing personality with a smile. We wouldn't have missed her for the world.