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Sandhaven Catcandu
(Waldron's Starman, ASH x Holly) 

4 months old
3 weeks old
Catcandu was named because she was as big as a mountain (Kathmandu) at birth and we wondered if her difficult delivery (she had a leg back and had to be repositioned) would cause problems. As the last retained baby from Holly she has giant shoes to fill. Her older full sister, Copy Cat, was a huge success in the show arena and her death at 5 was devastating to us. We know it's not fair to 'Candu to expect her to be a clone of Copy, but it has been hard not to hope to get lucky twice in a row. 

'Candu's genetics have produced another winner for us. She is currently number 1 in the nation for her Novice Division in the Working Equitation leaderboard, and has shown the promise of real talent in her work on cattle. We are thrilled with her!