Sandhaven Performance Horses

Badger Queen
 (Waldron's Starman, ASH x Pany Safari, QH)

Foal Crop by Year

The Badger Queen is an independent, bold baby. As the only foal in 2015 we needed to be able to integrate her into the 2014 youngster herd for socialization purposes. Despite the fact that she is between six months to a year younger than the other three foals in the paddock she holds her own, and has quickly learned to use the nanny mare as well as her own dam as safe zones is she feels too threatened by the big kids play. That doesn't happen often though, this little pistol looks like she will mature into the instigator of the group. She should mature at 15 hh, and we are hoping she has inherited the potential for great cow work passed on by her dam's incredible genetics.
The Badger Queen - 16 months